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2015 Dance World Champs - Who Will Win in 2016?

2015 Dance World Champs - Who Will Win in 2016?
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The clock is ticking and the 2016 Dance Worlds are just around the corner! Orlando, Florida will be the host to thousands of dancers, choreographers, coaches and super fans who are attending the most intense all star dance competition in the world this weekend, April 23-25. Will the 2015 World Champions be able to keep their titles this year? FloCheer will be live streaming the big event. Subscribe today so you don't miss a single routine!

2015 Dance World Champions (The Gold, Silver & Bronze Winners)

Senior Pom

1. Energizers Dance Team

What gorgeous colors on these costumes and poms and honestly this routine is like an aerobics competition. The endurance these ladies have is unbelievable. Clearly they have conditioned intensely to be able to perform this high energy pom routine. At :50 they show their serious athleticism and flexibility.
2. Cheers Factory (Japan)
3. Dancers Edge

Senior Jazz

1. Dancers Edge - Sr Silver Jazz
This is a dramatic and intensely beautiful routine. These are well trained dancers with impeccable extension on their kicks, arabesques and turns. At 1:15 the routine climaxes with a difficult series of never-ending fouettes.
2. Dancin Bluebonnets
3. Pace Elite

Senior Small Hip Hop

1. Legendary Athletics
Legendary makes excellent use of the floor while performing traveling choreography effortlessly. At 2:13, when most teams are losing stamina, these dancers perform a difficult backbend stunt that rotates bases with ease.
2. Prismatic (Japan)
3. (Tie) Premier Athletics - Clayton
3. (Tie) Shockers - Senior Big Diprz

Senior Large Hip Hop

1. Champion Legacy
This team of "QUEENS" has many well trained tumblers amongst them. They do a great job of carrying out their royalty theme and the routine is high energy throughout but manages to gain even more momentum around 1:40. This musicality, the theme along with their well played choreography and style made them the champions.
2. South Jersey Storm - Whirlwind
3. Extreme All Stars

Open Pom

1. Pace Elite
The lines on this costume really accentuate their well executed skills. 1:18-1:45 is extremely memorable with circle formations, a series of difficult pirouettes, and partner work.
2. Planets (Japan)
3. South Coast Freestyle

Open Jazz

1. The Vision Dance Center
This costume is gorgeous and fits their beautiful choreography. The opening and the ending are highlights of this routine. First impressions and last impressions will get the judges every time!
2. Pace Elite
3. Mt. Eden Ballet Company (New Zealand)

Open Hip Hop

1. Sayawatha Team Philipinas (Philippines)
All the way from across the globe this team from Asia brought down the house! At :48 they do a straight line with really tight choreography that is visually so appealing to the audience. Be sure to watch the last 20 seconds as well. They have a really strong ending!
2. Planets (Japan)
3. Power House of Dance - Fly

Senior Small Coed Hip Hop

1. Pittsburgh Poison - Dart Frogs
This Pittsburgh teams brings some real breakdancing to the competition. Great tricks performed throughout their routine.
2. Midwest Cheer Elite - Tribe
3. Goddesses Dance Team

Senior Large Coed Hip Hop

1. Power House of Dance - Street
Synchronization is a huge strength of this team. Their opening has a variety of tempos and they manage to stay perfectly in unison. 1:18 thru 1:45 shows some surprising stunts and excellent use of the guys on their team.
2. Pittsburgh Poison - Cyanide
3. Star Performance Centre

Open Coed Pom

1. Pace Elite
The flexibility and elevation of leaps in this routine is what sets them apart from the others.
2. Energizers Dance Team
3. Star Performance Center

Open Coed Jazz

1. Pace Elite
This routine has a political statement. The song they chose as well as their risky theme are unlike any other which surely had an impact on their final placement.
2. Dance Dynamics
3. Xihua University (China)

Open Coed Hip Hop

1. Premier Athletics Clayton Shockers - SupaNova
These creatures from outer space are clearly here to have fun. From :47 thru 1:15 is just pure entertainment.
2. Extreme All Stars
3. Pittsburgh Poison

Open Male Hip Hop

1. Extreme All Stars
Just WOW! This routine had to be the crowd favorite without a doubt. This routine has a sense of humor and by the time it ends you'll be standing on your chair dancing with them. The entire routine is definitely worth watching multiple times but from 1:30 on the routine just gets better and better!
2. Power House of Dance - Crew
3. Premier Athletics Clayton - Galactic Gentlemen

Junior Dance

1. Dancers Edge - Jazz
This routine feels like a heart wrenching scene from an epic movie. The toe point, technique and flexibility from this group shows their years of training. From 1:39-1:48 they do a nonstop series of impressive fouettes. It's surprising that they can walk straight after so many spins but that's why they are the champions…no big deal!
2. C*Star Artis (Japan)
3. Dancin Bluebonnets - Jazz
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