Feeling Stressed? Turn Your Room Into A Zen Zone!

Feeling Stressed? Turn Your Room Into A Zen Zone!
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Listen -- we know cheer and dance has no off season. In the spring you prep for tryouts, summer you build your skills, fall you're on the sidelines, and in the winter you're either competing, cheering basketball games or both. Keeping up the spirit and momentum can be tough -- not to mention the added stress of homework and practice.

So what gives? How can you keep your cool and wake up each day fresh and performance ready? Well...we've got the answer. Turn your room into a 'zen zone' free of stress and uninvited distractions.

How can you turn your room into such a place? You're about to find out…

Choose your colors wisely

Make sure your walls are painted a calming, cool color. Studies show that color can affect your mood. Bright shades in the red family can increase stress while cool, muted colors like blue, light grey, whites, greens and lavenders can help deliver a more comforting environment.

Your nose knows

It's proven that certain smells can trigger chemicals in the brain that aid in relaxation! Try candles or linen spray that contain lavender, jasmine or lemon. Baby powder is another smell that research suggests provides calming vibes.

Shhhh - Quiet Please

When you're relaxing or taking some time to focus, hang a sign on your door that sends a message to your household that you're busy. Interruptions or extra distractions can add to stress, so complete your focus with a door sign or hanger that says "quiet please -- I'm trying to focus".

Organize your space

Clutter and a lack of organization can make your life so much more stressful…When you're trying to pack in a hurry or find your uniform for practice an organized room and closet can make all the difference. Not to mention a cluttered room can make you feel like a mess and cleaning just adds to the to-do list.

Music to your ears

Did you know that listening to soothing or soft music can help reduce anxiety and stress? Classical music or the sounds of nature like birds or the ocean waves can help transform your space into a calming oasis. Give it a try and see how you feel!

Start prepping now so when school starts, you've got your stress-free zone ready to keep you cool, calm and collected. Have a stress reducing a tip for your fellow cheerleaders and dancers?

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