15 Rules To Live By!

15 Rules To Live By!
When you're having a bad day, or things just aren't going as planned, it can be hard to pick yourself up and move along, be positive, and make the most of what's left of the day.

I sent the advice below to a friend that wasn't feeling as happy as usual as a reminder that it's always good to keep yourself in check and on the right path when things aren't all sunshine and rainbows.

Pin these up on your fridge or in the front of your journal. You can even write some of your own!

These are simple, sensible rules to live by:

1. When you wake up, think positive.

Life is short. Think of something you are lucky to have and thankful for have use that to motivate your positive vibes today.

2. Take deep breaths.

Stress often steals away the little things--including our ability to take a moment and breathe as we're intended.

3. Don't worry--it will steal your joy.

Instead, live your life by making plans and dreaming.

4. Pat yourself on the back.

You're awesome; just accept it.

5. Pat others on the back.

You never know when they'll need it most, and it might just make all the difference in their day.

6. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

Believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to--it's so true.

7. Never give up on your dreams.

They're called dreams for a reason.

8. Be nice.

It sounds simple, but can be harder than you think at times.

9.Embrace opportunity 

Listen closely and find opportunity in even the most unusual circumstances.

10. There may not always be a problem, but there is always a solution.

Whenever possible, be that solution.

11. Sprinkle Your Sparkle

You've heard "Don't let them dull your sparkle." Instead, find ways to sprinkle a little of your own pixie dust on others--even if they refuse to fly.

12. Do something for yourself every day.

Even if it's just taking a walk or writing in a journal.

13. Be original.

We can't all be Beyonce.

14. Be content.

15. Keep calm and cheer on.

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