7 Things That = Cheer Practice Fails

7 Things That = Cheer Practice Fails
Grab a healthy snack, get your stretch on and jam out to your favorite t-swift pump up song. Those are all great things to do be for cheerleading practice; however to ensure you have a great practice opposed to a good one, here are a few things you MUST avoid before hitting the mats.

1. Say goodbye to greasy foods

Because chili cheese dogs and practice never mix well.

2. Reject the rays 

Painful sunburns and basket tosses don't make for a good combination.

3. No frappés before full outs

Drinking coffee or an energy drink before practice can make you jittery. Fuel your body with natural sugars like an apple instead.

4. Dry legs? Sorry no lotion allowed

It can be tempting to lotion up your legs before you head into practice but trust me, your stunt group would much rather feel your dry legs than attempt to hold on to your slick ones.

5. Never be late!

Nothing starts practice off on a bad note like showing up late. Your teammates will be throwing all the shade!

6. Your phone's off the hook but you're not

Go ahead and turn your phone off and avoid the angry look your coach would give you if they heard it ring.

7. Save the drama for your mama

Having an argument with a friend or boo thing will throw off your mood and keep you out of focus the entire practice.

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