10 Cartoon Characters That Would Make GREAT Cheerleaders

10 Cartoon Characters That Would Make GREAT Cheerleaders
Photo: Pinterest.com/Disney
Ever look at someone and think "WOW you would make a great cheerleader!"? We took some of our childhood favorites that have an outstanding athletic ability combined with a driven personality and put together our best all star toon squad! Check out the team!

1. Mulan

She is a strong, independent warrior who would be an excellent leader on any team.

2. Merida

You won't catch her playing damsel in distress! Merida's can-do attitude makes her a definite champion in anything she does.

3. Helen Parr a.ka. Elastigirl-

Point flyer? I think so. With her humble personality and superb flexibility Elastigirl is sure to shine in the spotlight.

4. Tiana

This hard worker won't let anything get in the way of her dreams making her a great candidate for this squad.

5. Hercules

This hero's super strength is going to make coed stunts a breeze!

6. Tinker Bell

A little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of sass will make this fairy a fantastic top girl.

7. Kim Possible

This smart and talented crime-fighter was a cheerleader in high school so she is perfect for this cartoon team.

8. Tigger

Tigger's bubbly personality and his ever going bounce will help him slay every tumbling pass.

9. Wonder Woman

This warrior princess will make sure no stunt falls when she is out on the blue mats.

10. Tarzan

With unheard of strength and endurance, Tarzan would make a great coed cheerleader!

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