10 Things You Didn't Know About The UCA And UDA College Demo

10 Things You Didn't Know About The UCA And UDA College Demo
College camp is always a memorable time of the season. This is where your new team gets to perform together for the first time and try some of the new and improved skills of the upcoming season! "Final day" is a time that all teams look forward to, but the UCA and UDA College Opening Demo on day one is a HUGE highlight of camp and a great way to kick off the next few days.

Now you can watch the UCA & UDA College Opening Demo like a pro LIVE on Varsity TV!


2017 UCA and UDA College Camp Locations

  • University of Texas
  • East Tennessee State University
  • Central Missouri State University
  • University of Alabama
  • Wisconsin Resort Camp
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Scranton
  • University of California - Santa Barbara
  • Washington Resort Camp

Think you know everything there is to know about the UCA & UDA College Opening Demo?

Here are a few fun facts to test your knowledge!

1. The staff members and coaches don't have much time to put the demo together

Of course brainstorming ideas and a lot of the choreography is done ahead of time, but it isn't until the staff gets together that it finds out if these unique ideas will play out the way they are envisioned. The demo is put together in about four days prior to "Demo Day" of the first college camp of the summer. After the first college camp is complete, a few arrangements are usually made at the following camps, and the preparation time is cut to about two days!


2. UCA and UDA staff choreograph their routines around each other to create one seamless demo

Both UCA and UDA put in countless hours of work to make the demo look "demo day ready." Not only do they each have to choreograph their own routines, but they also have to create them so that both groups fit on the same mat.


3. The majority of the staff travel together to complete the other college demos

College staff members are rarely one and done when it comes to college camps. After the final day of one camp is over, the staff travels to the next state to prepare for the next demo.

4. Demo practices sometimes require a 3-a-day practice

Depending on how big the staff is and how large of a camp, demo practice can easily be compared to a college nationals practice! The majority of the staff members are seeing each other for the first time on day one of practice. Each person must find a partner and get their timing together! This challenge often requires multiple practices each day to find that stunting chemistry.


5. Coach Leighton Clarke creates the music mix for the demo

The unique music mix used in the demo isn't just any music. It is put together piece by piece by Leighton Clarke, who coaches the University of South Florida and the U.S. national all-girl team. The music is updated often to fit the choreography perfectly.


6. The staff goes full out the morning of demo day… sometimes more than once.

Every day and every hour counts when creating a demo this large and this skilled. Each demo is different in some way -- some harder than others. Running the demo full out the morning of "demo day" is a great memory refresher and a chance to get all of the little kinks out before performing in front of the camp. It is also the first time the staff gets to perform that particular demo in a uniform.

7. The demo is streaming LIVE for FREE on Varsity TV!

That's right, you heard it correctly! Tune in to Varsity TV on the morning of "demo day" to watch the entire demo for FREE!


8. The staff splits in half after camp in Wisconsin to go to Santa Barbara or Delaware

This is the hard part about being on UCA and UDA college staff. College camp in Wisconsin is one of the largest camps throughout the summer. When this camp is over, a lot of goodbyes are said and hugs are given as the staff splits into two groups to complete the rest of the summer. Half goes to Santa Barbara, California, and the other half heads to Delaware.


9. Lifelong friendships are made each summer

Instructors from all different regions make up the college circuit. Midsouth, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, West Coast, and Northeast staff members all contribute to this hand-picked staff.

10. One demo may be completely different than the other

The skills within each routine may look the same, but one demo may be completely different than the previous camp for a particular person. The instructors chosen for college staff must be an all-around great staffer. Being versatile is a major asset. If one person did a particular skill in the first demo, he or she might be asked to fulfill a different role at the next. All staff members must be ready to take on any challenge thrown their way!

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