10 Practice Habits of Kennedy Thames

10 Practice Habits of Kennedy Thames
Kennedy Thames is a successful center flyer from Rockstar Beatles! From hard work, dedication and structured habits, Kennedy has earned several national titles and globes! She believes that these 10 practice habits have helped lead her to success!

1. Eat a light meal before practice

Bananas and granola bars are both great options to fill up without eating a heavy meal.

2. Mentally prepare

Kennedy sets a goal for herself before each practice. Working towards achieving a new goal each practice will help you push yourself every time you walk into the gym!

3. Warm up your body at the start of practice

Kennedy starts each practice by running laps around the mat and then does jumping jacks.

4. Take the time to stretch

One of the best ways to improve your flexibility is by holding splits for multiple minutes in each direction. Backbends and basic stretches are also a great way to start each practice!

5. Jump drills

Work on jump technique and height by using rubber bands around your ankles while you jump.

6. Warm-up stunts and tumbling

This is where focus and experience come into play. If something goes wrong during a pass or stunt, Kennedy makes sure that she corrects the mistakes and moves on.

7. Remember what motivates you

Kennedy thinks past to her past experiences at worlds when she finds herself struggling at practice.

8. Motivate your teammates

Not only does Kennedy motivate herself, but she always strives to help her teammates push through our tough practices.

I consider Beatles as my second family and we all encourage and lift each other up during practices.

9. Condition at the end of practice

Spending 15- 20 minutes to condition will help build stamina.

10. Reflect after practice

Use your drive home to take time to reflect on how practice went, and what improvements you can make!

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[WATCH] Kennedy and the Rockstars Beatles from Worlds 2017:

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