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The Dance Worlds 2016

The Dance Worlds
Watch the most prestigious competition of the season... The Dance Worlds. Live stream is available in the U.S., UK and Canada.

The United States All Star Federation (USASF) is host to The Cheerleading and Dance World Championship annually. More than 120 USASF/IASF member event producers across the U.S. and in over 40 countries around the world qualify top teams at their premier national championships to compete at The Worlds.

This international event brings together more than 9000 cheer and 3500 dance athletes to vie for world champion titles in senior and international club divisions and categories.

WATCH LIVE HERE AT 8:00am EST/7:00am CST! (Archives available immediately after the event to FloPRO subscribers)

3 Days Until Dance WORLDS!

Apr 20, 2016 by FloCheer

It's getting close! Just 3 more days until we see the most spectacular cheerleading competition on Earth - The CHEE...



Open Coed Hip Hop FinalsOpen Jazz FinalsCompetition Time
Starlight (Italy)  9:00 AM
 The Vision Dance Center9:04 AM
Yo Dance (Ecuador) 9:08 AM
 Dancin' Bluebonnets - Open Team9:12 AM
Tanz Regens (Ecuador) - Hypnotic 9:16 AM
 Dance Dynamics - Open Lyrical9:20 AM
Network Medellin (Colombia) - Network Dance 9:24 AM
 Golden Hawks (Japan) 9:28 AM
Hy-Fidelity Dance (Australia) - Supreme Krew 9:32 AM
 Wing Dance Promotion (Japan)9:36 AM
Tanzhaus Potsdam (Germany) - The RokkaZ 9:40 AM
 Centro Artistico Yesenea Mendoza (Ecuador) - Turn to Stone9:44 AM
UPAC (Chile) - Rhythm Panthers 9:48 AM
 Cheertastic Dance and Cheerleading (Australia) - Dream Stars9:52 AM
Team Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)  9:56 AM
 SA Academy (Great Britain) - Supreme10:00 AM
Tec de Monterrey (Mexico) 10:04 AM
 Team East China Normal University (China) 10:08 AM
UIS (Japan)  10:12 AM
 DSF Brilliants (Japan)10:30 AM
Centro Artistico Yesenea Mendoza (Ecuador) - Soldiers Evolution 10:34 AM
 Brisbane School of Dance (Scotland) - Ultimate Uproar10:38 AM
Pittsburgh Poison - Black Frogs 10:42 AM
 Top Dance Studio (Mexico)10:46 AM
ADA (Great Britain) - Dark Angels 10:50 AM
 Union Dance Rancaqua (Chile) - UDAR10:54 AM
Extreme All Stars - Open Coed Hip Hop 10:58 AM
 JC Dance and Cheer Academy (Scotland) - Glitter White11:02 AM
Next Level Dance Co - Supremacy 11:06 AM
 Ukraine (Ukraine) 11:10 AM
 MSV 90 E V (Germany) - Guardian Angels11:15 AM
 Fever Cheerdance (France)11:20 AM
Open Jazz Top Ten Announcements - 12:00pm / Awards Ceremony - 12:15pm
Open Coed Hip Hop Top Ten Announcements - 12:30pm / Awards Ceremony - 12:45pm

Small Senior Pom Finals & Large Senior Pom FinalsOpen Coed Jazz FinalsCompetition Time
Peak Athletics - Sabres 1:00 PM
 Academia BalleTeatro Dominicano (Dominican Republic) - Hispanic Dance Company1:04 PM
Strut Performing Arts - Senior Pom 1:08 PM
 Centro Artistico Yesenea Mendoza (Ecuador) - Tore My Heart1:12 PM
Kawai Dance Agency (Japan) - Queen Berries 1:16 PM
 DreamTyme (Australia) - Elite1:20 PM
Dance Dynamics - Sr Small Pom 1:24 PM
 UPAC (Chile) - Rhythm Panthers1:28 PM
The Power of Dance - Polaris 1:32 PM
 Team Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico) 1:36 PM
Star Performance Centre - Senior Pom 1:40 PM
 Strut Performing Arts - Open Coed Jazz1:44 PM
South Coast Freestyle - Senior Pom 1:48 PM
 All Star Studio 74 (Mexico) 1:52 PM
Champion Legacy - Senior Pom 1:56 PM
PACE Elite - Senior Pom 2:00 PM
Cheers Factory (Japan) - Departures 2:04 PM
Starz Dance Academy - Elite 2:15 PM
 Rocheer & Factory All-Stars (Mexico) 2:19 PM
The Vision Dance Center 2:23 PM
 PACE Elite - Open Coed Jazz2:27 PM
Dancer's Edge Studio - Senior Pom 2:31 PM
 Dance Dynamics - Open Coed Lyrical2:35 PM
Dancin' Bluebonnets - Senior Team 2:39 PM
Energizers Dance Team  2:43 PM
Small Senior Pom Awards Ceremony - 3:00pm
Open Coed Jazz Top Ten Announcements - 3:30pm / Awards Ceremony - 3:45pm
Large Senior Pom Awards Ceremony - 4:00pm

Small Senior Coed Hip Hop FinalsLarge Senior Coed Hip Hop FinalsCompetition Time
Midwest Cheer Elite - Cleveland - Black Ice Krew 5:00 PM
 Extreme All Stars - Senior Coed Hip Hop5:04 PM
The Power of Dance - Polaris 5:08 PM
 Pittsburgh Poison - Cyanide5:12 PM
Goddesses Dance Team - Goddesses 5:16 PM
 Star Performance Centre5:20 PM
Gold Star - Evolution 5:24 PM
 Cheer Legendz - Saberz5:28 PM
Champion Legacy - Senior Coed Hip Hop 5:32 PM
 Valley Cheer Elite - Royal Skulls5:36 PM
Pittsburgh Poison - Dart Frogs 5:40 PM
Dance Force Studios - Vitality 5:44 PM
Small Senior Coed Hip Hop Awards Ceremony - 6:15pm
Large Senior Coed Hip Hop Awards Ceremony - 6:45pm

Small Senior Hip Hop FinalsLarge Senior Hip Hop FinalsCompetition Time
Legacy Elite Athletics - Black Dance "Coal Diggaz" 7:30 PM
Star Performance Centre - Senior Hip Hop Small 7:35 PM
 Music City Allstars - Large Senior Hip Hop7:39 PM
Peak Athletics - Sabres 7:43 PM
Footnotes Fusion - Baddiez 7:48 PM
 Champion Legacy - Senior All Stars7:52 PM
Raevin Dance Factory - Dance Factory Elite 7:56 PM
Pittsburgh Pride - Pulse 8:01 PM
 Victory Vipers - Stellar8:05 PM
Dynamite Gym - Lady Reigns 8:09 PM
Xtreme Dance - Senior Hip Hop 8:14 PM
 Perfection All Stars - Eminence8:19 PM
Strut Performing Arts - Senior Hip Hop 8:30 PM
 Pittsburgh Poison - Black Widows8:35 PM
Bellvue Performance Dance - Senior Black 8:39 PM
 Legendary Athletics - Senior Large Hip Hop8:43 PM
Eastern Washington Elite - House of 509 8:48 PM
 Extreme All Stars - Senior Hip Hop8:52 PM
Jordan Johnson Productions - Fierce Kids 8:56 PM
Legendary Athletics - Senior Elite 9:01 PM
Large Senior Hip Hop Awards Ceremony - 9:30pm
Small Senior Hip Hop Top Ten Announcements - 10:00pm / Awards Ceremony - 10:15pm

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