Don't Let Winter Break Put A Freeze On Your Skills

It's easy to let the cold weather and fantastic feasts turn you into a couch potato over the holidays. But don't let the winter break put a freeze on your skills. Here are a few tips to help you keep your skills up over break!

1. Stay Active

Relax and enjoy your time with friends and family but don't forget to do at least half an hour of activity every day. Go for a walk, play flag football with the family, or take part in any fun activity that will get your muscles moving.

2. Stretch Daily

If you started break with a picture-perfect heel stretch you don't want to come back without it. Stretch daily to ensure flexibility and your body positions might be even better when you return to practice in the new year!


3. Watch Your Sweets

Warm pecan pies and the smells of fresh baked cookies fill the air during the holidays and it's totally okay to indulge a little and enjoy some sweet treats. However, don't forget to drink lots of water and choose a few healthy side dishes during your meals to maintain a balanced diet and keep your body in performance-ready condition.

4. Drills Not Only Get You Skills, They Keep Them

Whether you're snowed in or traveling to visit family you might not be around fellow cheerleaders that you can work out with. If so, you can do a few drills daily from the comfort of your living room that will keep your muscle memory going strong.

5. Attend Open Gym

The best way to keep your skills is to keep doing them! If you have a day free of family dinners and holiday festivities head to the nearest cheerleading or gymnastics gym and get your tumble on. A quick 30-minute tumble session will get you feeling great and it will ensure you that the skills you mastered in 2018 will be there when 2019 comes around.

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