The MAJORS 2021 Teams Announced!

The MAJORS 2021 Teams Announced!

The 27 teams that will battle it out at The MAJORS 2021 have been revealed!

Oct 13, 2020 by Leanza Pieroni
The MAJORS 2021 Teams Announced!

And just like that, we can't wait for 2021 to be here so we can experience the 10th anniversary of The MAJORS!

The MAJORS made a big announcement tonight regarding the exclusive championship that will be streaming live for the first time from locations across the world. The 27 teams that will battle it out at The MAJORS 2021 have been revealed!

Within the lineup, you'll see all six returning MAJORS Champions, one Varsity All Star Triple Crown Champion, 8 reigning 2019 World Champions, and 8 reigning 2020 NCA All-Star Champions. 

Meet the 27 teams who will compete at The MAJORS 2021!

Senior Small/ XSmall Combined Level 6

ICE Lady Lightning

Cheer Central Suns Lady Suns

Cheer Extreme SSX

The California All Stars Lady Bullets

Rain Athletics Aqua

Senior Small/ XSmall Coed Combined Level 6

Brandon All Stars Senior Black

The California All Stars Smoed

GymTyme Illinois Fever

ICE Thunder

Prodigy All-Stars Midnight

Senior Medium Level 6

East Celebrity Elite Bombshells

Maryland Twisters F5

The Stingray Allstars Peach

Top Gun All Stars Lady Jags

Woodlands Elite Generals

Senior Medium Coed Level 6

ACE Cheer Company Warriors

The California All Stars Black Ops

Cheer Extreme SMOEX

Spirit Of Texas Royalty

Woodlands Elite Black Ops

Senior Large Level 6

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

World Cup Shooting Stars

The Stingray Allstars Orange

Cheer Athletics Panthers

Senior Large Coed Level 6

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

The Stingray Allstars Steel

Top Gun All Stars TGLC