5 Must-Watch Pyramids From Worlds 2018!

The pyramid section of a routine is easily one of the most exciting but also most nerve-wracking to perform. 

University Cheer Force Firestorm: Underdogs No More

University Cheer Force Firestorm from Sacramento, California, had been competing in the Senior Small Coed division for two years trying to make a name for themselves at The Cheerleading Worlds.

SMOED Brings Back The Title

Small Senior Coed was one of the largest divisions at Worlds 2018. The division was filled with some of the world's most talented teams. The three podium teams held their spots from Semi-Finals into Finals.

The Sharks Swim To The Top Of The Podium

The Senior Small Level 5 division is so fun to watch because there's nowhere to hide. Every athlete has to be on their A-game at all times with no room for mistakes. 

Globe Winners Of The Most Anticipated Match Up: Medium Senior Coed

Senior Medium Coed was the biggest toss-up division going into Worlds 2018. It was truly unpredictable because of how many talented teams earned a bid in this division. So many finalists in this division hit zero-deduction routines on Finals and showed everyone why this was the hardest division to foretell. 

Lady Jags Make History In Senior Medium 5

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: The Medium divisions are the hardest to predict. With so many talented teams battling it out for each and every point, the top three are always up in the air. 

Large Senior Coed Powerhouse Podium Teams

The world had no idea that final results from The MAJORS and NCA would be exactly how the season would finish at Worlds 2018 in the Large Senior Coed division. It's very rare to see three teams sit in the same placements against each other all season long, but Cheetahs, TGLC, and Steel ended in the same ranking that we've seen multiple times throughout the season.  

Re-Watch The Cheerleading Worlds On CBS!

Because we know you can never get enough, The Cheerleading Worlds is coming to YOU! Set your DVR and re-watch The Cheerleading Worlds 2018 on CBS Sports.

Panthers, Stars, Rays: 2018 Senior Large Globers

The Senior Large Level 5 division is continuously one of the most anticipated divisions at every competition, and The Cheerleading Worlds 2018 was no exception.

The Return Of The Red Jacket

In 2015, World Cup Shooting Stars came out to the Worlds stage ready to put on a show as they performed their Jersey Boys themed routine. That routine will forever be legendary and the red jacket that was worn in Semi-Finals performance will NEVER be forgotten.