29 Teams Compete At The MAJORS 2024. Here's A Look At Each

29 Teams Compete At The MAJORS 2024. Here's A Look At Each

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Jan 12, 2024 by Arielle Dworetsky
29 Teams Compete At The MAJORS 2024. Here's A Look At Each

The MAJORS 2024 is a one-night cheerleading event like no other. On Friday night, 29 of the best cheerleading teams in the Senior Level 6 divisions will gather in Indianapolis. Teams from eight different divisions will compete in hopes of being named a MAJORS 2024 Champion. Teams will also compete for the All-Girl, Coed, and Overall Grand Champion titles. 

The MAJORS will be the first competition where we see some of the most talented Senior Level 6 teams compete against each other. Teams travel from every corner of the United States for a night of pure entertainment. 

You can watch all of the action LIVE on Varsity TV!

The MAJORS 2024 Teams

L6 Senior - XSmall

All eyes are on the L6 Senior - XSmall division, where the reigning MAJORS Champion and back-to-back-to-back World Champions, South Coast Cheer Fearless, will face off with three of the most talented teams in their division. 

  • Cheer Athletics Lady Suns
  • Cheer Express Allstars Miss Silver
  • South Coast Cheer Fearless
  • The California All Stars Vixens

L6 Senior - Small

Cheer Extreme SSX will defend their MAJORS title against reigning World Champions ICE Lady Lightning and Rain Athletics Aqua. Woodlands Elite Generals is returning to the L6 Senior Small division after a few seasons in the Senior Open division, and East Celebrity Elite Bombshells are taking on Small for the first time after many seasons in Medium. 

  • Cheer Extreme SSX
  • East Celebrity Elite Bombshells
  • ICE Lady Lightning
  • Rain Athletics Aqua
  • Woodlands Elite Generals

L6 Senior - Medium

The reigning MAJORS Champions, Stingray All Stars Peach, will take on the reigning World Champions, Spirit of Texas A-Team, alongside the Worlds silver medalist, Top Gun Lady Jags.

  • Spirit of Texas A Team
  • The Stingray Allstars Peach
  • Top Gun Lady Jags

L6 Senior - Large

All four Large Senior teams will compete against each other for the first time this season. The reigning MAJORS and Cheerleading Worlds Champion, Cheer Extreme Senior Elite, look to defend their title in what will undoubtedly be a showdown. 

  • Cheer Athletics Panthers
  • Cheer Extreme Senior Elite
  • The Stingray Allstars Orange
  • World Cup Shooting Stars

L6 Senior Coed - XSmall

Twist & Shout Diamonds will look to defend their MAJORS 2023 title while taking on the reigning World Champions, GymTyme IL Fever, and CheerVille Anarchy, who has already had an impressive start to the season. 

  • CheerVille Anarchy
  • GymTyme IL Fever
  • Twist & Shout Tulsa Diamonds

L6 Senior Coed - Small

Senior Starz will look to defend their MAJORS 2023 title against the reigning World Champions, KC Cheer Fierce 5, as well as Brandon Senior Black - a staple in small coed, Cheer Athletics RoyalCats - the highest scoring senior team from JAMfest Super Nationals 2023, and Woodlands Elite Black Ops who is new to the Small Coed division. 

  • Brandon All Stars Senior Black
  • Cheer Athletics RoyalCats
  • KC Cheer FIERCE 5
  • MACS Senior Starz
  • Woodlands Elite Black Ops

L6 Senior Coed - Medium

The reigning MAJORS 2023 and World Champions, Prodigy All Stars Midnight, will defend their title against the Worlds Silver and Bronze medalists, The California All Stars Black Ops and Spirit of Texas Royalty, respectively. And new for this season, The Stingray Allstars Steel will compete in Medium Coed for the first time. 

  • Prodigy All Stars Midnight
  • Spirit of Texas Royalty
  • The California All Stars Black Ops
  • The Stingray Allstars Steel

L6 Senior Coed - Large

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs will defend their MAJORS title against themselves on Friday. However, they will also compete for the Coed Grand Champion and Grand Champion titles. 

  • Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

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