11 Tips For Cheerleading Tryouts

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Because 10 isn't enough...here are 11 tips that you can't live without for cheerleading tryouts.  

1). Train your skills early - several months in advance if possible.

Spend some time in a cheerleading gym, with cheerleading coaches, working on jumps, motions, tumbling and spiriting.

2). Exercise & eat right.

When you feel good and you are healthy you will be more confident and less likely to get injured or sick during the tryout process.

3). Attend your tryout meeting and take notes. Don’t miss deadlines regarding paperwork or fees.

Sometimes this can make or break a cheerleading candidate. Get a planner and get organized. You may need to turn in teacher recommendations, medical releases, signed cheer constitutions, along with many other forms. 

4). Ask the coach for a sample scoresheet and use it in your training.

This might be the best thing you can do for yourself because it will help you focus on the area the school’s cheer coach deems most important. 

5). Practice learning choreography quickly.

Learning choreography is a skill. If you’ve never spent time learning routines it’s something you should practice. Often during tryout clinics you are required to learn several routines in one week and it can feel overwhelming. Practice learning routines long before tryouts and your brain will be trained to take in new choreography more easily.

6). Practice your skills on a surface similar to what you will be trying out on several weeks prior to tryouts.

If you’ve been practicing your skills on a spring floor and then tryouts come around and you’re on a basketball court that can be a shock to your system. Ask far in advance where your tryouts will be held so you can start preparing on that surface for your tryouts. 

7). Spend time working on your spirit entrance.

This can be seriously awkward if you’ve never worked on it. It’s a combination of moving across the floor, jumping, yelling, tumbling, as well as smiling. That’s a lot of things to do at once and if you haven’t practiced you may end up looking very uncomfortable during the process. Practice this…you’ll be glad you did!

8). Be a good student and friendly with your schoolmates. 

Sometimes teacher recommendations are a part of the tryout process. In addition there are still schools who do a student vote on cheerleading. Make sure you are being a student that teachers and other students respect.

9). Don’t try to do skills that you aren’t confident with during your tryout.

Less is more during tryouts. No one wants to see someone crash and burn trying skills they aren’t proficient at yet. If you’re working that tuck but it’s inconsistent, do a series of strong back handsprings instead. You will leave a better impression with the judges and you won’t add additional pressure on yourself during an already stressful situation.

10). The judges don’t know your tryout routines.

Remember that the judges don’t know the routines your are performing at the tryouts. So if you forget something just keep smiling…they probably won’t notice small mistakes. 

11). Wear the required outfit, and make sure to look fresh, perky and neat!

It’s important to follow the coach’s instructions and wear the required outfit. A coach is not interested in having a team member that can’t follow the rules.  Make sure it is clean, well ironed and nicely fitted. A big smile and enthusiasm are the best things you can wear!

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