Mark Your Calendars For National All Star Cheer & Dance Day!


How about a round of applause for all those all star cheerleaders and dancers out there!

It's time to celebrate all things all star, so mark your calendars for National All Star Cheer & Dance Day September 9 -- this Saturday! The first All Star Cheer and Dance Day (NASCDD) was celebrated in 2015, created by the USASF. And since that date, programs everywhere are joining the movement.

Not sure what it's all about? Here's the scoop!

What is NASCDD?

A chance to celebrate all the wonderful things that make all star special. It's a great way to celebrate your athletes, coaches, and parents, while attracting and educating new participants about the benefits of all star cheer and dance.


How can YOU celebrate NASCDD?

choose how you'd like to celebrate! Plan an open house, celebration, community event, or fundraiser. At the event, educate attendees on the positive influence of all star and introduce the mission and fundamentals of your specific program. Learn the official NASCDD routine, perform with your teammates and friends on NASCDD, and post your videos in social! Don't forget to use #NASCDD.

Find more info and event planning ideas here.

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Already an all star athlete or coach?

Thank YOU for being a part of our incredibly community. There really is no other activity that rivals the dedication and passion of all star athletes and coaches. The time you put into practice, competitions and the community is something to be applauded. Have a happy NASCDD!

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