#TrustTheProcess: Coaches With A Message


No more competitions and no more full outs - it's time to start talking about what's next. You know what we mean...Tryouts, evaluations, placements or whatever you choose to call them; this time of year all star gyms everywhere are taking a look at what's best for their athletes and calling the shots to build success for their programs in 2017-18.

We stand with the coaches when it comes to making the right choices for their athletes. The outcome may not be exactly what the athlete is hoping for, but in the end coach knows best. (That's why they're the coach)

Trust the process and you WILL see results. All star cheer coaches are spreading the word to ensure that athletes and their parents know that they're being placed with a team that they will excel on. Randy Dickey said it well, "The number after the level has nothing to do with your self worth."

Understand the process and get motivated by special messages from the all star community below!

MUST WATCH: Randy Dickey has a POWERFUL message to the cheer community!

FAME All Stars breaks down the process
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Top Gun coaching staff reminds the teams to trust the process as they are evaluating

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Maryland Twisters motivational transformation picture

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You may not understand it now, and it may take some time to achieve your goal of level 2, 3, 4 or 5, but until then - trust your coach and trust the process! GOOD LUCK, from your friends at FloCheer. We'll be watching!

Who Earned Worlds Bids At WSF Louisville?


They say practice makes perfect and it rang true for the hard-earned Worlds bids this weekend at the 2017 WSF All Star Cheer & Dance Championship. 

MUST WATCH: TGLC Performs 3 Times This Weekend!


In 139 days (approximately 4 months and 18 days) Top Gun Large Coed will be vying for the Cheerleading World title in Orlando, and we can’t tear our eyes away from their performances…

Tune In To Day 1 Of WSF!


The Cheer Athletics Cheetahs took home the title of The Cheer Alliance Grand Champion last night but the all star action keeps rolling today in the Bluegrass state. 

Don't Miss The Cheer Alliance Championship!

IMG_6689 (2).JPG

The Cheer Alliance kicks off today in Louisville, Kentucky, and this championship event is a first look at some of the top teams in the nation.

Cali Black Ops Ring In The Holiday Season

Breanna Morin Ops-2_preview.jpeg

The Cheer Alliance Championship takes place this weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, but before the California All Stars Black Ops hit the road for their first competition, they celebrated their past season of success and their world championship with friends and family.

VOTE NOW: The 2017 Hometown Heroes Award presented by Quicken Loans

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Hometown Heroes -- an award to recognize the finest coaches in the country who make an impact in the community by changing high school-age athlete's lives for the better. Watch each video below, and don't forget to vote between now and December 8th to crown one coach the 2017 Hometown Hero. FloSports will award the top coach with a $25,000 cash prize on behalf of national mortgage lender Quicken Loans.

Everything We Loved From The Rockstar Cheer Showcase


Rockstar Cheer held their 2017 Showcase this past weekend in Greenville, South Carolina, and FloCheer got an inside look at what you can expect from this program on the mat this season.

Top Moments From The 2017 Rockstar Cheer Showcase


Beatles Routine Breakdown: What To Expect This Season


The Rockstar Beatles are a powerhouse team in the medium coed division, and they're determined to make 2018 their golden year. As the Beatles get ready to debut their new routine today at the 2017 Rockstar Cheer Showcase, here is what you can expect to see on the mat.

Maryland Twisters Kicks Off Their 20th Season

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.33.10 AM.png

Before taking the mat to compete, the Maryland Twisters teams will showcase their routines for their friends and families at Show Place Arena on Sunday, December 3, at the 2017 Maryland Twisters Showcase.