Another Golden Globe Year: IOAG L6

The International Open All Girl Level 6 division blew cheer fans away with the talent it brought to The Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando, FL, last month! It not only featured more inverted baskets and higher pyramids than any other division but also more all-girl skills than anywhere else in the three-day competition.

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Gold medalist GymTyme Gold showed us what "All Girl All Day" really means! Known for their elite collegiate-level skills that they incorporate into their choreography, Gold stunned the crowd as they opened with SIX all-girl toss hands press extensions! The incredible skills didn't stop there. Gold threw a variety of elite tosses and an elite sequence that exceeded the difficulty expectations in the division.

Flyers All Starz Karma earned the title of runner-up after their phenomenal performance at Worlds! They fell short to GymTyme's difficulty points but brought a routine filled with visualizations and strong Level 6 stunts and pyramids. Karma is a team on the rise in the International Open All Girl Level 6 division!

One of the most impressive climbs to the podium was from Gothenburg Cheer One Wildcats. The Wildcats were in 16th after the semifinals and proved that they deserved the bronze medal! They successfully hit back handspring full-ups and a variety of inversion tosses.

28 Worlds Bids Up For Grabs At NCA All-Star Nationals 2020

It's NCA Week, and that means The Cheerleading Worlds 2020 is right around the corner. Teams will be working hard to make sure they capture one of the 28 bids up for grabs this weekend in Dallas.

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The 2020 College STUNT Tournament: Dallas Baptist University will take place on February 28-29 at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas, and FloCheer is giving you a front-row seat to all the action.

9 Paid Bids To Worlds Up For Grabs At CHEERSPORT

February has arrived, and that means it's time to get serious. Teams are in the middle of the grind trying to really hit and perfect their skills while also competing for a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds 2020.

13 Teams Received Bids At Spirit Sports!

The level 6 & 7 Champions have been crowned at the 2020 Spirit Sports Duel in Desert and 13 bids have been awarded to The Cheerleading Worlds! The California All Stars took home 2 of the 4 paid bids, along with multiple at large bids including on for the reigning IOLC7 World Champions, The California All Stars Rangers.

31 Bids Up For Grabs At NDTC

Dance fans are headed to the Sunshine State to get ready for an exciting weekend of competition at the 2020 UDA National Dance Team Championship.

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ACE Athletics Brings Home Six Worlds Bids

It was a phenomenal weekend of cheerleading at Feel the Power East in Ontario, highlighted by many incredible performances across all levels.

Program In Need: Help Support Quest Athletics

This past weekend, Cherie Walker, the owner of Quest Athletics was on her way home from Coastal -The Garden State Battle in Trenton, New Jersey when she received a devastating call. Her home had burned down. Her family was safe but they lost everything.

Canada's First Pair Of Full Paid Bids Have Been Awarded

Very few teams ever get the opportunity to say that they were a part of something when it was done for the first time.

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