Chrome Conquers All In IOLC6

The higher the skills, the greater the excitement. From 2 1/2 high pyramids to flipping baskets, the added college talent made the International Open Large Coed 6 division a must watch for any true cheer fan at The Cheerleading Worlds.

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If you couldn't make it to Orlando, FL, or you just want to relive the competition one more time, here is recap of how it all went down in IOLC6.

It's an incredible feat to win gold at Worlds, but being crowned grand champions is the cherry on top of a perfect weekend. GymTyme All-Stars Chrome's sky high elite baskets and overall performance energy earned them a 148.1, the highest score of the 2017 Cheerleading Worlds.

Congrats to the 2017 IOLC6 World Champions, GymTyme All-Stars Chrome!

Cheer Athletics Claw6 was the reigning IOLC6 champions, and they produced another great routine in 2017. Their dynamic elite stunt transitions and double full baskets earned them the silver medal at Worlds.

After placing second in 2016, Southern Cross Cheerleading Legacy was back at Worlds and ready for another great season. The Australian squad was in fourth after the semifinals, but its visual and innovative pyramid sequence kept Legacy on the podium for another year as they captured the bronze medal.

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28 Worlds Bids Up For Grabs At NCA All-Star Nationals 2020

It's NCA Week, and that means The Cheerleading Worlds 2020 is right around the corner. Teams will be working hard to make sure they capture one of the 28 bids up for grabs this weekend in Dallas.

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February has arrived, and that means it's time to get serious. Teams are in the middle of the grind trying to really hit and perfect their skills while also competing for a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds 2020.

Supercells Got Paid At PAC Battle Of Champions

The Worlds teams came to Calgary ready to lay down their best routines and vie for the single Full Paid bid to The Cheerleading Worlds 2020. The competition was fierce, but one team took a commanding lead after Day 1 and didn’t back down at all on Day 2.

13 Teams Received Bids At Spirit Sports!

The level 6 & 7 Champions have been crowned at the 2020 Spirit Sports Duel in Desert and 13 bids have been awarded to The Cheerleading Worlds! The California All Stars took home 2 of the 4 paid bids, along with multiple at large bids including on for the reigning IOLC7 World Champions, The California All Stars Rangers.

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