Worlds Watch: Day 1 Report From NCA All-Star 2019

The all star cheer season is reaching the halfway point so we're watching closely as the Senior & International Level 5 teams begin to peak in their routines. We were blown away by the incredible performances out on the mat during Day 1 of NCA All-Star Nationals 2019.

At NCA All-Star Nationals 2019, 9 Paid Bids, 18 At-Large Bids and 1 Non-Tumbling/Global Cheer At- Large Bid will be up for grabs to The Cheerleading Worlds. 

Hitting zero on Day 2 would be a big step in the right direction for teams hoping to claim one of the bids up for grabs.

If you couldn’t make it to the Lone Star State to watch the competition in person, don't stress! FloCheer is your all-access pass to the most up to date news on all your favorite World's contenders so you can watch the final championship like a pro.

Take a look at which Level 5 Worlds teams are on top in their division after Day 1 of NCA!

Senior XSmall 5 – Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells*

Day 1 Score: 97.07

Senior XSmall Coed 5 – Twist & Shout Diamonds*

Day 1 Score: 98.20

Senior Small 5 – Woodlands Elite Generals*

Day 1 Score: 97.43

Senior Small Coed 5 – Prodigy All Stars: Midnight*

Day 1 Score: 99.50

Senior Medium 5 – East Celebrity Elite Bombshells*

Day 1 Score: 97.93

Senior Medium Coed 5 – Woodlands Elite Black Ops*

Day 1 Score: 98.90

Senior Large 5 – The Stingray All Stars Orange*

Day 1 Score: 97.42

Senior Large Coed 5 - The Stingray Allstars Steel*

Day 1 Score: 97.98

Senior Open 5 - Spirit of Texas: Lady Reign

Day 1 Score: 96.77

Senior Open Small Coed 5 - Rockstar Cheer: Beatles*

Day 1 Score: 97.53

Senior Open Large Coed 5 - Cheer Athletics Wildcats*

Day 1 Score: 96.95

International Global 5 - Cheer Athletics Ladycats

Day 1 Score: 91.82

International Global Coed 5 - Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones

Day 1 Score: 96.39

International Open 5 - Cheer Sport Sharks Great White Sharks*

Day 1 Score: 96.41

International Open Small Coed 5 - Prodigy All Stars Blacklight

Day 1 Score: 98.97

International Open Large Coed 5 - CheerForce Nfinity*

Day 1 Score: 98.22

International Open Non Tumbling - Cheer Extreme Lady Lux

Day 1 Score: 93.39

International Open Non Tumbling Coed - Cheer Extreme Code Black

Day 1 Score: 96.00

*Teams who have received a Paid Bid to The Cheerleading Worlds 2019.

Best of luck to all teams performing this weekend, we can't wait to watch you take the mat for Day 2 of NCA All-Star Nationals 2019!

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Location & Dates: Dallas, TX, March. 1-3, 2019.

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