Game 1 Recap: #2 Oklahoma Baptist University VS #3 Alma College

The 2019 College STUNT National Championship kicked off today in Norman, Oklahoma and 8 of the best college STUNT teams in the nation are set to go head to head to find out who will claim the championship title.

Game 1 of the Division ll bracket took place this morning between #2 Oklahoma Baptist University vs #3 Alma College.

The game was an exciting start to the championship and Alma College came out victorious with a final score of 14-12.

If you missed out on the match, here is a quick recap of Game 1!

In the first quarter, OBU & Alma battled it out with Partner Stunts. Oklahoma Baptist took the first point, but Alma came back quick with point number 2 of the quarter.

With the possession, Alma called Routine 7, the most difficult routine of the quarter. It was a smart play for the Scots as OBU had a handful of mistakes and Alma took the point and the lead.

Routine 5 was called for the last round of the quarter and the teams tied to end the first with Alma up 3 to 2.

The second quarter features Pyramids and Tosses. OBU was trailing to start the quarter so the Bison’s used their possession to call Routine 5.

Alma earned the first point and called Routine 8. While Routine 7 is the highest routine in difficulty, Routine 8 is the newest routine added to the STUNT line up and teams have only had a few weeks to practice this.

The teams tied twice in the second quarter, but Alma held strong to end the first half in the lead. Alma is up 7-4.

The second half of the game started with Oklahoma Baptist possession and their strongest quarter Jumps & Tumbling.

The Bison used Quarter 3, Jumps and Tumbling, to their advantage and called Routine 7, 6 and 5 all in a row to gain back to back points and shorten the lead against Alma College.

The teams tied in round 4 to end the quarter OBU 7, Alma 9.

However, before starting the final round, Alma called a challenge on the last round of Quarter 3. Each team is allotted two challenges a game and the coaches must use these challenges wisely as officials will go back and watch and review the round in question to re-score.

The challenge was reversed, and the score was changed to Oklahoma Baptist 6, Alma College 9.

The 4th Quarter is Team Routine and is made up of 3 rounds.  Each round will combine the routines of that level in one continuous routine in the following order: Partner Stunts, Jumps and Tumbling, and Pyramids and Tosses. Each “section” of the routine (Partner Stunts, Jumps & Tumbling, Pyramids & Tosses) is scored individually using the same scoring as the first three quarters.

For the opening round of the final quarter, Oklahoma Baptist took two points for Partner Stunts and Jumps & Tumbling while Alma took the point for Pyramids and Tosses. The Bison trail Alma 8 to 10.

In the second round, the teams each took a point but tied for Pyramids & Tosses to keep the game close going into the final round of the game.

The game was close but in the end, Alma College pulled off the win to end Game 1 with a final score of 14-12.

Stay tuned to FloCheer because the 2019 College STUNT National Championship is just getting started. Game 2 starts at 10:15 AM CT with reigning champions #1 Davenport University facing off against #4 Vanguard University.

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