Samantha Jenkins, 2019 Div. ll College STUNT Athlete Of The Year

USA Cheer has named Samantha Jenkins their 2019 Div. ll College STUNT Athlete Of The Year. 

Jenkins is a graduating Senior from the National Championship team at Davenport University and has grown up in the world cheerleading since she was six years old.

“I used to do dance and gymnastics, while at the dance studio I saw a cheer class that I wanted to try and after that I just fell in love with the sport.  I was asked to join an All Star gym and 15 years later I am still in love with cheerleading.”

Jenkins was introduced to STUNT at the high school level.

“I immediately fell in love with the sport and all the aspects that make it so amazing.”

“When the sport was first starting out, my high school coach explained this new opportunity for us athletes and something we would look forward to in the future,” explained Jenkins. “Celia and Amber showed us a little bit of a National Championship game from 2015 during one of our first summer practices.”

Samantha Jenkin’s Cheer History

  • Cheer One All-Stars 
  • Vizion All- Stars
  • Eisenhower High School
  • Davenport University

“What I love most about STUNT the sport is that it makes me feel like a real athlete.  During each game, the sideline, the crowd, the intensity, it feels like a real sport.  I love the energy that the place gets when there is a rivalry game or just a very close game.  This sport also just opens so many opportunities to female cheerleaders that I did not think would ever exist.”

“I love how anyone on the team, whether on or off the mat feels like they are a part of the team and they all help to make it happen,” added Jenkins. “Without the bond of the team, none of the Championships would be possible.”

Jenkins said being named USA Cheer’s Division II/III STUNT Athlete of the Year was the perfect way to end her cheerleading career.

“It’s such a high honor,” Jenkins added. “I also am so thankful for my teammates and coaches; without their support and constant motivation, it would not be possible without them. I am so lucky to have the support system and opportunities that I have been given through cheerleading.”

Along with being name USA Cheer’s Div. ll College STUNT Athlete Of The Year, Jenkins took home the 2019 College STUNT National Championship title with Davenport University in an incredible win over Oklahoma State University.

“This season was honestly like no other,” Jenkins shared. “The team was incredible, and we came together as a family on and off the mat which one could see.  All of us came together as something that is more than just cheerleading.”

Jenkins said the Panthers made each other their reasons and their ‘why’ to help them push through the tough moments in the season and the championship game.  

“I have personally never been a part of a team that is so connected together,” she added. “We all pushed each other and picked each other up whether it be for something personal or cheer related.  I think the team is what made this season so exciting, having a family through the whole season was the best part and always doing it for the girls next to you.”

What do you hope for the future of STUNT?

"My hope for STUNT is to grow into high school and even more college across the country.  Especially with Michigan High School cheer, I would love to see STUNT come to the high schools across Michigan to give each female athlete the incredible opportunity that I was given.  I truly believe that STUNT has so much to offer for all female athletes and I want all cheerleaders to be given the opportunity to be a real athlete. To see the sport grow and give female athletes more opportunities would be truly amazing."

What is your favorite quarter of a STUNT game? Why?

"My personal favorite quarter of a STUNT game is Quarter 4.  This is because you get a taste of everything.  Quarter four is also a way for a team to make a comeback.  Anything can happen in this quarter and it is always keeping you on your toes."

Do you have any signature skills?

"I love stunting so much and one of my favorite stunts is anything twisting.  High-to-highs, low-to-highs, one-legged, etc"

Visit the 2019 College STUNT National Championship event hub to check out more content from the fastest growing female sport in the United States.


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