Meet Brookie, One Of The #ThisIsAllStar Winners!

Brookelyn Cristaudo, also known as Brookie, is a 12-year-old All Star cheerleader from Utah Fusion. Brookie cheers on Utah Fusion’s Junior Level 6 team Bombshells and their Senior Coed Level 5 team Fury.   

Brookie began tumbling at the age of 2 and has been in love with the sport ever since.

She grew up watching her sister compete at All Star competitions and when she was four she joined her first all-star team.

“Every time I step in the gym I am just as excited as the first time.”

USASF launched a contest this past competition season looking for athletes and programs to rise to the occasion and showcase why they love All Star cheer and dance.

Brookie was one of ten winners selected by the USASF for being an outstanding role model on social media and truly Amplifying what All Star cheer is all about.

"The one thing I have learned about All Star cheer is it is not just about what you bring to the floor for two minutes and thirty seconds. There is more than just stunting and tumbling. All Star cheer has taught me to be the best version of myself.  I am so excited and feel much honored to be selected and represent what all-star cheer means to me."

FloCheer: What does being an All Star cheerleader mean to you?

Brookie: All Star cheer means more than just cheer. All Star means everything to me.  It means family, friends, life lessons, and amazing memories that will last a lifetime. All Star cheer has taught me so much. I believe sportsmanship and discipline are the most important things I have learned from being involved in All Star cheer. I believe everything I am learning will carry with me throughout my lifetime.       

What keeps you coming back to All Star cheer year after year?

The love I have for this sport keeps me coming back.  There are days where I never want to leave the gym.  All Star cheer gives me something to look forward to every day.  My favorite thing about All Star cheer is the friendships and family I have gained, as well as the life lessons I have learned.  I absolutely love my teammates and my coaches. 

All Star cheer has brought about many fun opportunities in my life as well.  I have traveled to many competitions that were so much fun. This is the first year we will be traveling to NCA to compete and I am so excited to step on the NCA floor for the 1st time with my two teams. I have met many friends from different gyms all over the country.  Without all-star cheer I wouldn’t have had these awesome experiences. 

What are your future goals in cheerleading?

My ultimate goal is to compete at Worlds and globe.  When I was four years old I watched a Worlds team over and over and made it one of my goals to compete at Worlds.  I am not quite old enough, but I continue to work towards that goal every day.  

What do you want others to know about the world of All Star cheer?

If you have a love for cheer definitely join All Star cheer. You will not regret it.  It doesn’t matter what level you are on; All Star cheer is completely amazing.  Don’t give up if you are not on a particular level.  It doesn’t matter the level; every level in All Star cheer is incredible to be a part of.  You will love the feeling of competing and being with your best friends daily.  I am blessed to be able to travel around with my friends and be a part of something I truly love more than anything.  


To learn more about USASF's #ThisIsAllStar campaign, visit

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