C-A-N-A-D-A Canada, Let's Go Canada!

It’s Canada Day and what better time to highlight and celebrate some of our favorite Canadian teams! At The Cheerleading Worlds 2019, many of teams traveled South from Canada to compete against the best teams from all around the globe. 11 of those teams took home globes with four leaving as World Champions! We love how our sport is growing more and more each year, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for cheerleading. 

Canada recently gained provisional National Olympic Committee recognition for cheerleading, which is a huge milestone for the country. And a special shout out to Team Canada for taking home the Silver Medal at the 2019 ICU Cheerleading World Championships! So many great things are happening within the cheer world in Canada, and we believe the best has yet to come.

Take a look at the Canadian teams who globed at The Cheerleading Worlds 2019!


Cheer Sport Sharks Cambridge - Great White Sharks (L5 International Open)

Flyers All Starz - Knockout (L5 International Global)

Flyers All Starz - Notorious (L5 International Global Coed)

Flyers All Starz - Karma (L6 International Open)



Cheer Sport Sharks Cambridge - Grey Reef Sharks (L6 International Open)

Flyers All Starz - Fearless (L5 International Open Non Tumbling)

Pirates Athletics – Black Flag (L6 International Open Large Coed)



Flyers All Starz - Lightning (L6 International Open Small Coed)

Vancouver All Stars – Ice Queens (L5 International Global)

ACE Athletics – Vicious (L5 International Open Non Tumbling)

PCT – Temptation (L5 International Open Large Coed)

Meet The Team: Top Gun YOSO 2019-2020

 Top Gun’s “YOSO” may have dropped the “restricted,” but they kept their clever name, meaning "You Only Spin Once."

POLL: Most Memorable Win From The Cheerleading Worlds 2019

Summer is almost over and for many school is back in session. But you know what that means, competition season is right around the corner! 

USASF Announces New Cheer Rules For 2019-20 Season!

We had a great time at the 2019-2020 USASF Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada! Coaches and athletes from all over the country attended the meeting at The M Resort and the future of All Star cheer is bright!

USASF Introduces Novice Division For Dance

The 2019 USASF National Meeting is underway here in Las Vegas, Nevada and hundreds of coaches and industry professionals have joined together to elevate and grow All Star cheer and dance and prepare for the season ahead.

FloCheer's Favorite Shark Moments From Worlds 2019

It's everyone's favorite week of summer, Shark Week! 

Fins That Win: A Look Back At Our World Champ Sharks

They may not swim in the big blue sea but they dominate on the blue mat.

Highlights From The Inaugural USASF National Meeting

Last year, FloCheer took a road trip from Austin to Dallas to attend the inaugural USASF National Meeting with over 600 industry professionals to get an update on all things All Star cheer and dance. 

Meet The Team: Top Gun Woman Jags

This year is an exciting year for Top Gun as they take on a new division, Senior Open All Girl Level 6. 

Attention Coaches & Owners: Don't Miss The USASF National Meeting!

What happens in Vegas, will stay with you throughout the season.

STUNT Goal Update: Sign, Sign, Sign!

STUNT is continuing to grow all over the country and is working with the NCAA to create opportunities for female athletes at the D1, D2 and D3 collegiate level. On June 6th, USA Cheer started a petition to help in asking the CWA (Committee on Women’s Athletics) to increase these opportunities!