Meet Lorelei, One Of The #ThisIsAllStar Winners!

Lorelei is a 8-year-old All Star cheerleader from San Antonio Spirit. She is currently a flyer on the gym's Youth Level 2 team, Teal.

Lorelei got her start in All Star in an unexpected way. "A girl dropped out of the team right before a competition and the coach asked me to consider joining the team! I was hooked from the first practice!"

USASF launched a contest this past competition season looking for athletes and programs to rise to the occasion and showcase why they love All Star cheer and dance.

Lorelei was one of ten winners selected by the USASF for being an outstanding role model on social media and truly Amplifying what All Star cheer is all about. The post that Loreleli was chosen for was a stunt video. 

"Even though I didn’t get it quite right, I fought to keep the stunt up in the air instead of just giving up. That determination represents the spirit inside all of All Star Cheer."

FloCheer: What does being an All Star cheerleader mean to you?

Lorelei: It means being a member of a team and learning to work as a unit. It means working hard and supporting one another to be the best we can be and to perform at our best for ourselves and each other.

What keeps you coming back to All Star cheer year after year?

I just love it so much! I love the challenge, the friendships, and the hard work involved in making that perfect moment happen onstage. There is nothing else like it!

What are your future goals in cheerleading?

To continue to improve as a cheerleader so that someday I might attend The Summit or Worlds!

What do you want others to know about the world of All Star cheer?

Cheerleading is a great sport where you get to meet lots of different kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds. It challenges your body to do things you never expect to be able to do. You make amazing friends that are there for you even when teams or schools might change. It means becoming a member of a family.

To learn more about USASF's #ThisIsAllStar campaign, visit

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