USASF Announces New Cheer Rules For 2019-20 Season!

We had a great time at the 2019-2020 USASF Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada! Coaches and athletes from all over the country attended the meeting at The M Resort and the future of All Star cheer is bright!

At the meeting, new cheer rules were discussed, as well as division updates! On Monday August 5th, Executive Director of Rules and Safety, Alison Stangle reviewed the changes to the rules and age grid for the 2019-2020 season, and the room was packed with coaches and gym owners eager to learn.

What’s New?

Elite International Tier Non-Tumbling Division

  • No tumbling is allowed, with the exception of: Forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and round offs for stunting purposes or formation changes, and must follow appropriate level inversion rules.



  • Athletes may be on Elite Club Teams and Elite International Teams as they are both considered an Elite Tier.
  • Novice Athletes are non-competitive teams and may also be on a Prep Team, Elite Team or Elite International Team.


Senior Prep

  • Top Age is 18 Years Old (10-18 Years Old). Allows for 18 Year Olds that want to participate.
  • Prep 2.2 – Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior


General Rules

  • Athlete safety must be considered with all skills performed
  • Flags, standard flat banners/signs, poms, megaphones and pieces of cloth are the only props allowed
  • Carpet over an inappropriate surface is not permitted for technical skills


Level Specific Rules 

Major Changes Only

Level 2

  • Single leg stunts may immediately pass through an extended position


Level 3

  • No inverted stunts above shoulder level except multi-based suspended rolls


Level 5 (Formally Restricted 5)


  • May not exceed 3 tricks
  • If exceeds 1 ½ twists, no other skill allowed
  • Kick doubles are not allowed



  • May not exceed 3 tricks
  • If exceeds 1 ½ twists, no other skill allowed
  • Kick doubles are not allowed


Level 6

Stunt Release Skills

  • Release moves from inverted to non-inverted positions may now include up to ½ twist



  • Dismounts from an inverted position may twist up to a ½ twist


Levels 5-6

Downward Inversions

  • A controlled lowering of an extended inverted stunt to prep level, passing above prep level to prep level or from extended non-inverted to inverted stunt at prep level require a minimum of 1 base and 1 spotter


For more on rules and updates click [HERE]!

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