How Did You Celebrate #NASCDD?!

How Did You Celebrate #NASCDD?!

Gyms, athletes and coaches from around the country gathered together to celebrate one of our favorites days of the year! #NASCDD

Sep 16, 2019 by Millery Ingallina
How Did You Celebrate #NASCDD?!

On Saturday, September 14th we got to celebrate one of our favorite days of the year, National All Star Cheer & Dance Day! This day gives cheerleaders and dancers around the country the opportunity to celebrate something we love.

Gyms, athletes and coaches had a blast as they gathered to show their support for #NASCDD through parties, open gyms, parades and more! Take a look at how some of them celebrated. 

National All Star Cheer And Dance Day

Elite Force Cheer, Idaho Cheer & Washington Extreme

Elite Force Cheer partnered with Idaho Cheer and Washington Extreme showed the community #thisisAllStar. They learned the #NASCDD dance, had bounce houses, hosted giveaways and more to celebrate together!

West Eessex Cheer Academy

West Eessex Cheer Academy threw a tailgate party to celebrate #NASCDD!

All Star Leadership Athletes

This group of all star leadership athletes got together and had a blast celebrating National All Star Cheer And Dance Day!

Prima Dance Studio

Prima Dance Studio hosted an Open House on National All Star Cheer And Dance Day!

Rare Jewelz All Stars

Rare Jewelz All Stars made #NASCDD an annual celebration as they hosted the event for the second time!

Dream Athletics & Humboldt State Cheer

Humboldt State Cheer and Dream Athletics joined together as they celebrated through snow cones, the national dance and more on Saturday!