Legendary Athletics, Small Senior Hip Hop Champs Change Divisions

The Dance Worlds 2020 is only six months away, and teams are already getting pumped for the end-of-season championship event. If you’ve been wondering what some of the winning 2019 teams are up to, look no further. 

Let’s check in with the most recent Senior Small Hip Hop World Champions, Senior Elite from Legendary Athletics. 

Legendary is a small gym out of Longwood, Florida, with a combination of dance and cheer education. The dance portion has had a history of excelling in the Hip Hop categories at All Star dance events around the U.S. and at The Dance Worlds. 

In 2019, the 12 powerhouse ladies of Senior Elite took home the gold with an undeniably strong performance. This team consistently brings increased energy and control with their balance of individual and partner Hip Hop tricks, some of which catch you by surprise! In their winning routine, they seamlessly transitioned not only all over the stage but through a variety of Hip Hop styles that changed as the music shifted. 

Take A Look At Legendary’s Winning Senior Small Routine


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If you’ve ever attended The Dance Worlds, Legendary Hip Hop teams are always a part of the buzz. Their dance style and even their look have become recognizable, yet they continue to shock us with renewed confidence in the execution of their choreography. 

This season get ready for some change within the Legendary Athletics program! 

Senior Elite has graduated a whopping five of the 12 champions! So with that, we may see a small break from the gym competing in the Senior Small Hip Hop division, but don't worry, get ready for the return of Legendary in Senior Small Coed Hip Hop division. 

The last time we saw L.A. in the Senior Small Coed division was back in 2018 when they took home the silver at The Dance Worlds! We spoke with the dance director of Legendary Athletics, Dana Evancoe, trying to get the scoop about this year’s new team. 

“We have some plans and ideas, but it’s a secret for now."

They are very excited to be back in this coed division and we are excited to get more details! 

You'll have to wait to find out more about this season’s theme for the new Coed Elite team. If any of the Junior Elite dancers from the 2018-19 season have aged up into the Senior division, we can still expect a great routine with more talented dancers taking the stage. 

Most 2020 Dance Worlds bid qualifier events don’t begin until December, so be sure to stay tuned to FloCheer for those updates and to check out what Legendary has been working on.

Written by Megan Miles

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