Katie Bernard Breaks Down Shooting Stars' New Routine

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World Cup Shooting Stars alumni, Katie Bernard, is a two-time MAJORS Champion and a two-time World Champion. During her time with World Cup, Bernard became an icon for her flexibility and showmanship on stage. She has teamed up with FloCheer to go visit her former team, the reigning Senior Large World Champions, to learn more about their new theme and breakdown the skills you will see on the mat this season. 

The Jersey Girls Take On NYC

The World Cup Shooting Stars are known for their uniquely themed routines. In a recent visit to their Freehold gym, I obtained the answer to a question that many people frequently ask. 

"How do they come up with a new theme for each season?"

Coming down from the high of winning a world championship, you would think it would take a lot of time and planning to outdo the theme from the season prior. Boy, do I have news for you. Their theme for the 2020 season was born just hours after taking the gold at The Cheerleading Worlds 2019. In an exclusive interview with Elaine and Joelle Antico, I discovered how the New York theme came to be. 

At their post-worlds celebration in Disney Springs, “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra came on the speaker. They watched as people from all around the world were united and captivated by the song, and at that moment they knew what their next theme would be. 

17 Standing Fulls & More Standing Tumbling

The Stars are showing off their talent this season with strong standing tumbling. The routine begins with the majority of the team throwing one-to-fulls and moves quickly into an incredible 17 standing fulls. They end the section with seven three-to-doubles and eight two-to-whip doubles. 

Lady Liberty Makes An Appearance In The Elite

The Stars transition into their elite stunt with elegant kick-lifts moving diagonally across the floor. They ripple 360 ball-ups to straddles, then double up to heel stretch to begin the elite. The flyers put their arms in a position that resembles the Statue of Liberty before a 360 low-to-high tick-tock to front stretch. 

Up Next: Four Full-Whip-Doubles

This routine would be incomplete without a show-stopping running tumbling section with passes ending mainly in doubles. Four full-whip-doubles are performed to add difficulty to the score sheet. 

A Creative & Memorable Shooting Stars Stunt

The Stars always have a memorable second stunt. The flyers enter the stunt through handstands onto their backs at prep level, and they ball up from that position into immediate scales. They end the stunt with a creative dismount which brings the flyers down to the floor from an extension, in a heel stretch position. 

Jumps & Baskets As Beautiful As New York At Night 

There is incredible flexibility throughout the team, with three jumps in the sequence. They add some flare with a switch-kick-ball-full basket in the back of the mat.

The Shooting Stars always have mesmerizing baskets, and this season includes six synchronized kick doubles and one switch-kick double to finish off the section. 

Happy New Year!

The pyramid section includes multiple two and a half high elements, and more running tumbling across the front. The build finishes off with four heel stretch front flips to the floor, and rewinds back up in that same position. The “Happy New Year” voiceover and signs to match, ties the theme together and concludes the pyramid. The flyers dismount with beautiful kick-front fulls.

Take A Trip To Broadway

Their dance has many broadway-esque elements, including a kick line and lifts that are sure to add to their performance score. It provides strong energy from the team and has a similar feel to their adored 2008 fashionista dance. 


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Written By: Katie Bernard

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