2021 Small Gym September

A Big Win For Small Gyms: USASF Announces New Limited Divisions

A Big Win For Small Gyms: USASF Announces New Limited Divisions

The USASF announced that The Cheerleading Worlds will offer 3 new Limited Divisions, reserved for programs represented by only one team at the championship.

Sep 1, 2021 by Leanza Pieroni
A Big Win For Small Gyms: USASF Announces New Limited Divisions

September is one of our favorite months of the year, not because it marks the start of the season or a highly-awaited competition, but because this month is all about celebrating the Small Gyms that make the all star cheer and dance industry so strong.

This year, small gym owners, athletes, and coaches started their celebrations a day early as the USASF announced something huge for The Cheerleading Worlds 2022.

This April, The Cheerleading Worlds will offer three new Senior divisions:

1. Limited XSmall/Small (All Girl)

2. Limited XSmall Coed

3. Limited Small Coed

These Limited Divisions are reserved for programs represented by only one team at The Cheerleading Worlds. 

Teams will qualify for their Worlds bids as in the past, competing in their traditional divisions. However. when registering for Worlds they will have the option to transfer to the appropriate Limited Division or remain in a traditional XSmall, Small, XSmall Coed, or Small Coed division.

The intention of these new divisions is to foster growth and retention amongst gyms that have only enough athletes to make one Worlds team.

Many Small Gym owners and coaches went to social media to share their excitement about the new divisions being announced.

"This is an opportunity to continue to create the program you want, while also expanding your vision.  Winning is NOT everything, but the OPPORTUNITY and CHANCE to win will keep the hope, vision, and gym alive. This is a big big big win for our community." - Cathryn Weeden, owner of Luxe Athletics in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With yesterday's big news, we are even more excited to get the competition season started and find out which small gyms will stand out, earn a bid, and shine big at The Cheerleading Worlds 2022.

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