2021 Small Gym September

Meet The Gym: Phoenix Allstars

Meet The Gym: Phoenix Allstars

The voting is over and now it's time to get to know the 2021 Small Gym September Champions! Next up is Phoenix Allstars from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Oct 18, 2021 by Leanza Pieroni
Meet The Gym: Phoenix Allstars

Small Gym September was EPIC and YOU chose four incredible programs to be featured on FloCheer this season. 

The voting is over and now it's time to get to know the 2021 Small Gym September Champions! Next up is Phoenix Allstars, a non-profit all star cheerleading organization located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Phoenix Allstars was formed in November of 2018. There were a series of unfortunate events that left many athletes without a gym, uniforms, or choreography mid-season.  Phoenix was created to help those athletes rise from the ashes and create something amazing. 

Each year, Phoenix Allstars continues to grow and their athletes and teams continue to develop and perfect their skills. This has become evident by their continued success at competitions. 

This past season, Phoenix experienced their biggest achievement yet by taking 5th place at The D2 Summit in the L4 Senior Small division!  

Coach Amber Murray shared that she believes the considerable amount of time Phoenix Allstars dedicates to team bonding, parent bonding, leadership training, and full program events is what makes their gym atmosphere so special.

"As we grow in size it is important to us to make sure our athletes are close not only with their teammates but with other athletes in our program," explained Murray. "We help our older and higher-level athletes develop their leadership skills to help to mentor the younger athletes in our program. It’s amazing to watch our athletes intermingle and cheer on each team at competitions, showcases, practices, and other events."

"A small gym means family. That is what is so special about being a small program. You are able to know and create bonds with every athlete and family that walks through your doors."

What can we expect from Phoenix Allstars this season?

"You can expect big things from Phoenix this year. After considerable growth we are looking to remain contenders for top championships in all levels," shared Murray.

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