2022 College STUNT Nationals

Oklahoma State Takes Down Texas Tech In CLUB Game 1

Oklahoma State Takes Down Texas Tech In CLUB Game 1

In CLUB game 1, top-seed Oklahoma State faced off against powerhouse program Texas Tech. The Cowboys won the matchup 14-10 over the Red Raiders.

Apr 23, 2022 by Jaeclinn Hall
Oklahoma State Takes Down Texas Tech In CLUB Game 1

Oklahoma State went head-to-head against Texas Tech in the first CLUB game of the day at the 2022 College STUNT National Championship. It began with the Red Raiders winning the coin toss gaining possession and starting things off in the Partner Stunt round with the difficult but exciting routine 6. 

In the first quarter, Oklahoma State showed off their strength in elite skills and received the first four points of the game. The Cowboys built a commanding 4-0 advantage which only made it more exciting to see how the teams would do in the second quarter. 

For the second quarter, Texas Tech gained possession yet again this time in Pyramids and Tosses. They played routine number six and took the point to open up Pyramids and Tosses. The teams ended the quarter 7-1 in favor of the Cowboys. 

Both teams are known for their tumbling and jumps, so the third quarter came down to technique and minor deductions. These teams had a tie in this quarter and ultimately Texas Tech dominated the round and began to close the gap behind the Cowboys making the score at the end of the third 8-5. 

In the final quarter, both teams continued with strong performances as the Red Raiders looked to continue to close the gap and catch up to the Cowboys. Ultimately, Oklahoma State kept their lead throughout the game and ended the match with a 14-10 win over Texas Tech.

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