2022 The Cheerleading Worlds

Anarchy Wins First Ever Gold For CheerVille Athletics!

Anarchy Wins First Ever Gold For CheerVille Athletics!

Bringing home the gold back to the state of Tennessee for the first time has been CheerVille Athletics HV Anarchy's dream come true.

Jul 25, 2022 by Emory Fazenbaker
Anarchy Wins First Ever Gold For CheerVille Athletics!

2022 was a historic year as CheerVille Athletics HV Anarchy won their first ever World Championship title in the L6 Limited XSmall Coed division. Bringing the gold back to the state of Tennessee for the first time ever has been a true dream come true for the team. 

When preparing the team for their winning season, their main focus was on the technique of each skill since that had been their struggle in years past. Anarchy used each moment in practice to help benefit every one of their athletes. The coaches implemented more frequent full-outs to ensure the team was strong in endurance and consistency when they stepped on the mat during performances. 

During The Cheerleading Worlds 2022, Anarchy felt very confident about their ability to perform their routine to the highest level of execution. As the final day came, they truly leaned on each other, held each other accountable, and had a mutual trust for one another in order to pull it off. The encouragement within the team allowed them to maintain composure and be fully prepared whenever they hit the stage for the last time. 

Coach Joey Mastrocola explained the atmosphere between the coaches and athletes right before their finals performance. 

"We reminded them of how hard they have worked to get to this point and that they had the ability to make it all worth it! We let them know how much we loved them and how proud of them we already were." - Joey Mastrocola

The bond and genuine love each one of the team members had for each other made the difference in them reaching their goals. When the tough times arose throughout the season, the athletes were quick to share words of affirmation. The veterans stepped up to the plate and exhibited excellent leadership skills which gave them even more of an opportunity to gain success in the 2021-2022 season. 

After their victory, Anarchy is driven to set their standards and expectations even higher. The current team has the motivation to work even harder and continue to build a name for the team and their program. CheerVille Athletics HV Anarchy is eager to stay true to themselves and pave the way for even further accomplishments. 



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