Calling All Cheer Moms And Dads: Become The Ultimate Cheer Parent!

Calling All Cheer Moms And Dads: Become The Ultimate Cheer Parent!

Moms and dads, we're talking to you! 

When your sweet baby boy or girl starts their journey in the wonderful world of cheerleading you go from being a regular mom or dad to the Ultimate Cheer Parent!

With the new and improved title comes great responsibility, and FloCheer is here to help. Learn how to be the Ultimate Cheer Parent with these six easy tips!

1. Your calendar is your lifeline!

Get ready to add practices, showcases, competitions, workouts, and fundraising to your weekly schedules. As soon as your athlete brings home their monthly cheer schedule, fill out the planner on your phone so you never miss a date! 

Pro Tip: If your squad has different practice wear or uniforms, save yourself a headache down the road and make an extra note so your kid is always in the correct outfit.

2. Your child will be sore . . . here are your go-to remedies.

Cheerleaders are the ultimate athletes. Hours of stunting and tumbling is guaranteed to make for sore muscles. Icy Hot and Biofreeze are your best friends when it comes to aching bodies. For extreme two-a-days soreness, try ice baths with Epsom salt to cure the ache.

3. A hungry cheerleader is not a happy cheerleader.

Be prepared to hear 'I'm starving!' before and after every workout. A strenuous practice can work up an appetite, and a cheerleader has got to eat! Pack tasty snacks like fruit and granola to help satisfy the hunger.

Pro Tip: Make sure to fuel your athletes like champions with well-rounded meals all day long to help them perform at their best. 

4. Coach knows best. Let them work their magic!

You may not always agree with your child's coach, but trust that they know best and that every decision they make is for the benefit of the team and the athlete. If you want help understanding one of their decisions or rules, ask the coach for a quick meeting and I'm sure they will be glad to explain. 

5. Ultimate Cheer Parents unite!

Make friends with veteran cheer parents and learn their ways! They know the ins and outs of how competitions run and can teach you how to navigate through the cheer world like a pro.

6. Give your athlete unconditional support.

Practices can be tough, but if your athlete knows they have you cheering them on every step of the way will make it all better. Cheer them on after they conquer a new skill, and encourage them on their harder days.

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