What Today's Cheerleaders Will Never Know!

Ahh, nostalgia!

Yesterday afternoon, out of sheer curiosity, I sent out a simple tweet that received an overwhelming response:

It's true that there is a massive difference between today's cheerleading and the cheerleading that many of us grew up with which we touched on last year with our "Worlds Year One" video:

What I didn't realize, however, is how nostalgic some of the answers would make me feel...or how hard I would laugh reminiscing about the "glory days" of sponge rollers and bodysuits!

From the hundreds of responses, here are some of my favorites:

"Today's cheerleaders will never know what it's like to..."

  • Hear songs from their mix in the store or on the radio & spontaneously burst out in a routine. 

  • Wear a sticker on the side of your face that was so hard to take off.

  • Have to roll up mats after every practice. 

  • Bring a cassette tape to practice, to get a copy of the music & rewind it when you had to redo a section. 

  • Have a "mini dance" in the middle of your routine before the actual dance. 

  • The stress of both teasing and brushing out a poof.

  • Change the color insert on your cheer shoes. 

  • Have your mom slick back your hair in a ponytail then spend HOURS putting curlers in it with tight hold gel. 

  • Sit on the floor at The Milkhouse (now known as the HP Field House)

  • Wear a polyester turtleneck uniform.

  • Hand scrunch pompons that were bigger than your head.

And lastly...

Let's just all agree to NEVER bring those back, shall we?


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