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The TRUTH About Being A Flyer

Jun 19, 2020

Bright-eyed and eager, dozens of new cheerleaders enter the gym for their first practice.

They watch the older kids practicing their routines in awe. Though the entire team they're watching is talented, their focus stays centered on just a few select members of the squad. 

These rookie cheerleaders can't stop watching the flyers. They'll go home that night and start pulling scorpions in their bedrooms and every parent will hear the words spoken...

Mom, I want to be a Flyer.

If you talk to coaches, spanning every corner of the map, they would agree that the majority of their cheerleaders, at one point or another, had dreams of being a flyer. 

Being in the spotlight is the ideal position in the minds of many cheerleaders, and sometimes even their parents. It's a highly desired position but in reality, being a flyer is not for everyone.

To succeed, it's important to have a tough skin, a willingness to put in extra work, an extreme focus, and unwavering courage and trust in those around them. In this video we breakdown the TRUTH about being a flyer.