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Cheerleading Worlds 2015 Winners - Will They REPEAT in 2016?

Cheerleading Worlds 2015 Winners - Will They REPEAT in 2016?
Photo: USASF
The 2016 Cheerleading and Dance Worlds are just days away. Teams around the globe are using every last moment to tweak their nearly perfect routines before packing up and traveling via car, bus and plane to the most important cheerleading event on the planet. Some teams are competing for the first time ever at Worlds and are wide eyed and fresh while others are aiming to hold on tight to their 2015 title. The only thing harder than trying to win Worlds is to win it consecutive years. There's a lot of pressure to repeat a win. Here are the 2015 winners and the oh-so-very close 2nd place winners. What made these World Champion teams stand out amongst the creme de la creme of the cheer world? Can they do it AGAIN? Watch LIVE here on April 23-25.

2015 World Champions and 2nd place winners:

International Open Coed Level 5
1. Cheerforce - Nfinity
The intro to their tumbling section is unforgettable. Make sure to watch around 1:20 to see the corner tumbler from the back left corner dodge at least four structures as he successfully completes an arabian thru to whip double pass!
2. Cheer Athletics - Wildcats

Medium Coed Level 5
1. East Celebrity Elite - C5
Their pyramid had to have clenched the win for them. With its nonstop inverts and no down time it's a highlight of the routine at around 1:56.
2. Spirit of Texas - Purple Royalty

International Open Level 5
1. Cheer Sport Canada - Great White Sharks
This all girl team did an amazing job of carrying out their shark theme from start to end. They basically ate their competition alive with their highly difficult stunt sequences. Check out the main stunt section at :24. Better stay out of the water!
2. Cheer Athletics - Fierce Katz

International Open Coed Level 6
1. GymTyme All Stars - Chrome
Not too many teams can basket toss like GymTyme. At 1:26 they perform two basket sections. The first will amaze you until you see the second set!
2. Cheer Athletics - Claw 6

Small Senior Coed Level 5
1. California All Stars - SMOED
SMOED sets themselves apart with their tumbling. They have strong toe touches to team standing fulls and their tumbling passes aren't just difficult but are really well executed as well as HIGH!
2. Vizion - 20/20

International Open Level 6
1. GymTyme All Stars - Golden Girls
Their opening one man (or one woman should we say) toss-to-hands to unassisted extensions is impressive!
2. Flyers All Starz - Karma Canada

Medium Senior Level 5
1. Stingray All Stars - Peach
The most memorable part of this peachy routine is at :55 seconds when these very flexible flyers drop nearly to the ground in splits and are thrown straight back into a ball up to bow and arrow!
2. Spirit of Texas - A team

Large Senior Level 5
1. World Cup - Shooting Stars
Choreography is the Shooting Stars ammunition. Their routines year in and year out are so entertaining for the crowd while not only fulfilling the requirements of a scoresheet but surpassing them. Their ripple ball up, switch to lib, switch to deep lean to bow & arrow at :55 seconds shows exactly why these girls are the champions.
2. Cheer Extreme - Senior Elite

Large Coed Level 5
1. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite
Visual moments can be an asset for a team and at :20 seconds they definitely make the most of creating a picture for the judges and audience. The toss-to-hands, 1/2 turn down to back extension roll to splits is unexpected, difficult, and creative. In addition this dance is a party for everyone involved.
2. Top Gun All Stars Lg Coed

Small Senior Level 5
1. Woodlands Elite - Generals
These Generals just don't have a weakness, which is why they have taken this title for several years running!
2. California All Stars - Lady Bullets
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