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2016 Cheer Worlds Recap: The Highlights, the Upsets & More!

2016 Cheer Worlds Recap: The Highlights, the Upsets & More!
Photo: USASF
The best cheerleading teams from all corners of the globe gathered together at Disney's Wide World of Sports to compete for the 2016 world title. 
High energy routines were jam-packed with outrageous skill after skill. With so many skilled routines, a mere tenth of a point meant the difference between winning and losing.

Here are some highlights from the Cheerleading Worlds 2016. Be sure to catch our replays of the routines on FloCheer.com. 

International Open Small Coed Level 5 (13 teams in Finals)
This division was dominated by teams from Texas. What are they feeding them there? Loved the crossing pyramids during Cheer Athletics Swooshcats routine. They did passing pyramids toward the end of the routine at 2:25, and ended in a pyramid which is always a risk. They managed the win even with one stunt fall in the routine!  

1) Cheer Athletics - Swooshcats

2) Stars Vipers - Anacondas

3) Spirit of Texas - Remix IOC5

International All Girl L5 (20 teams in Finals)
This division was unpredictable. During the semi-finals, East Celebrity Elite was in first place, but they dropped to fourth in finals. 

California All Stars - Sparkle finished third on the first day, but climbed their way back up and won the championship. They had a solid opening stunt sequence at :36 that likely gave them the edge they needed to win. They switched legs a total of four times during the sequence while also using several full ups, inversions, level changes and impressive flexibility. Sparkle's dance had non-stop movement with girls traveling from side to side across the floor - never a dull moment!

International Open Small Coed L6 (9 teams in Finals)
This division was all over the place. 

During the semi-finals Vancouver Allstars Canada Ice Out were in first, but dropped to third place in finals. The California Allstars Team Reckless were in fourth and moved up to second, while GymTyme Allstars Jade were in third and moved into first in the finals. This routine had the shock value of a L6 routine with flipping and twisting baskets and dismounts. 

Senior Small Coed (10 teams in Finals)
Brandon All Stars took the win. A big jump came from the Vizion Allstars 20/20. They were ranked eighth during semis, but managed to take home the silver in the finals. Unfortunately for Ice Thunder, they dropped from first during the semis to fourth in the finals.

Brandon took the win because they had no weak sections in their routine. Their tumbling was super clean and difficult, and their stunt sequence after the tumbling section at 1:07 was untouchable. Especially impressive were the 360's down to the ground and then pressing back up while spinning. It's very tough to get those stunts to the very top from the ground.

Senior Small Girl (11 teams in finals)
This was one of the biggest upsets during the event. 

Woodlands Elite Generals have dominated this division for several years running. But this year they were overtaken by Cheer Extreme SSX. Cheer Extreme had some serious jumpers! 

A creative section that gave them a boost in scoring was at :49 when they did a tucked 360 ball to the ground, roll back and back into load. The difference in scores was likely miniscule. Woodlands looked on point, and their routine was incredible. The opening stunt entrance of a round off whip to load is a great way to start their stunting portion of the routine. 

Senior Large Coed (10 teams in finals)
Though this wasn't a huge division, this was probably one of the most exciting divisions to watch. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs took the win, but you know it was a tough win when Top Gun TGLC--in first during the semi-finals--finished in fourth place. 

Top Gun's routine was one you wish they would have executed perfectly. Their choreography is like no other, and they know how to put on a show. 

The backbend in a stunt press to scale at 1:17 will have you rewinding their video over and over. The Cheetahs' pyramid is a crowd pleaser. No one who sees it will forget their scorpion section of the pyramid from 2:14-2:26 where the girls appear to dive through the stunts in front of them. A well deserved win for the Cheetahs with a nearly flawless routine.

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