BREAKING NEWS: USASF To Release Scores At Worlds!

Happy Spring cheer & dance fans . . . or should we say HAPPY WORLDS MONTH! We're only weeks away from the most prestigious event of the season and the anticipation is growing by the day.

FloCheer is excited to share official news that scores WILL be posted at The Cheerleading & Dance Worlds 2019! 

Fans will see both the raw scores and final scores with deductions in the results posted right here on FloCheer!

Full Results will be posted on shortly after the Division announcement.

What does this mean? Cheer and dance fans will now...

  • Know exactly who hit zero deduction routines
  • See how your team's raw score compare's to others in their division
  • Know the exact point spread between the team ranked 1st and the other contenders within the division.

With this news, we predict The Cheerleading & Dance Worlds 2019 will be the most memorable championship yet! Be sure to tune into FloCheer April 27-29 to watch all the action LIVE!

The Cheerleading & Dance Worlds 2019 Related Info:

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